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 Education Programs

LOCATION: The Florida Hotel & Conference Center at the Florida Mall

 RESERVATIONS: (423) 485-1185 OR  Holiday Inn Hamilton Place  

ROOM RATE $158 / night (Group Code SNP)  


Road Show 2018 – What You Will Learn

Where Great Health Begins
Foundational Nutrition for Women’s Health

Whether Baby Boomers, Gen-X, or Millennials, women continue to drive spending in the natural channel and their lives are more chaotic than ever.Nancy will delve into the social, environmental, and physiological stressors that impact women’s health while exploring nutrition as the foundation to mitigate their impact. As a passionate health educator, Nancy will offer a fresh perspective, inspiration, and tools for you to take to the aisles to                        impact the health of your customers.

 Participants will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of environmental factors, stressors, and risk factors that are unique to women
  • Learn the true nature and critical importance of foundational nutrition for gut and cellular health
  • Discover more approachable health and lifestyle solutions that profoundly impact women’s health

Natural Medicines that Outperform Prescription Drugs

Inflammation is the underlying cause of almost every disease, from cancer to diabetes, from thyroid dysfunction to anxiety. Relieving inflammation is the first step in these common, and chronic, conditions. Unfortunately, the options that conventional medicine can offer to relieve inflammation come with a host of side effects, some of them dangerous. NSAID drugs relieve inflammation come with a host of side effects, some of them dangerous. NSAID drugs (including ibuprofen) are linked to gastrointestinal ulcers and kidney disease, for example. Acetaminophen is the number one cause of acute liver failure in the United States. Steroid use is linked to wight gain, bone thinning, increased blood pressure, violence, and insomnia. Join natural health expert Leslie Larsen as she reviews proven natural medicines that can successfully address common chronic illnesses as effectively as prescription drugs - without the dangerous side effects. (Jacksonville and Chattanooga Only Events)

Natural Interventions for Mental Health

Mental health has become a national debate, with little agreement beyond “something needs to be done." For those who are affected, both patients and their families, treatment can be difficult to access and often not effective - as well as accompanied by some unbearable side effects. The stigma of mental illness can cause isolation and worsening of symptoms. However, there are effective natural medicines that have been proven to relieve many of the underlying causes of mental illness (including inflammation and hormone imbalances), reduce symptoms, and restore healthy mental functions. Cheryl, RN, is an integrative health practitioner with degrees in both nursing and psychology who will review natural interventions that been proven effective in the compassionate care of mental illness and brain dysfunction. (Raleigh and Houston ONLY Events).

Establishing Brand Recognition and Strategic Marketing Plans

Tips and solutions to achieve the marketing goal of having your target market think of you, and your company, when they are ready to buy. 

  • Defining your mission and rallying around a calling.
  • How to build sustained brand equity over time.
  • Kickstarting your brand awareness.
  • Employees/Customer training, retention, and growth.

The “Hidden” Category You Don’t Want to Miss

Did you know that 68% of households have a dog or cat or both! That Americans spend upwards of 61 Billion dollars on their pets annually? Come join Brenda Watson and learn why the natural pet health category is heading towards major growth and why health food stores are uniquely positioned to capture a large portion of the growing pet supplement market. Come learn why quality and potency matter and which pet supplements are the most important to have available to your customers. Don't be left out of the next big category boom.

15 credits in TWO DAYS!