There’s no better way to get away from everyday life than SOHO. This natural and cutting edge show revitalizes our retail stores and our minds.

Jeff Wright, Wrights Nutrients​​

SOHO is an outstanding show because it is a literal wellspring of learning, sharing
and networking opportunities in an interconnected atmosphere, all in sunny Orlando.

Judy Johnson, Living Well Down East

SENPA Inc.    727-846-0320

​SOHO EXPO is a Natural Products Industry Trade Show and Convention produced since 1971 by SENPA, a non- profit Trade Association with proceeds from show staying within the industry. SOHO has proven itself as one of the most cost effective shows you can attend and we deliver buyers.

  • Your SENPA Membership is included with 10x10 booth purchase!
  • 82% of attendees only attend SOHO Expo!
  • Launch your new products here!
  • Over 350 retailers represented - Over 1,300 retail attendees
  • Retailers from all over the country (Puerto Rico and Canada too) 
  • Businesses of all sizes — SOHO represents the entire industry 
  • Networking Opportunity — Meet like minded associates 
  • Presented & Produced by SENPA, a Non-profit Trade Association, applying SOHO EXPO proceeds towards education and being a legislative watchdog — protecting our industry business rights.

SOHO is an outstanding show because the location, scale, scope, quality, and variety of vendors make it a very accessible, efficient, and retailer-friendly event."

​James Robison, Grassroots Natural Market